It's known as "The Forgotten War", but all American should learn about it and remember it ... and that's where you can help. You have been asked to develop a "Korea 9 3 2 1" webpage to cover the basic information everyone should know about the Korean War - all on one page. Your page should include ...

9 - facts about the causes, impact, and events of the Korean War (look at my examples below)
3 - photos that help tell the story of the war, with descriptive captions
2 - maps that helps to explain the war.
1 - quote that is essential to understanding the war, with authors and context

9 - Come up with 9 great facts that everyone should know about "The Forgotten War", using the examples below as guides.
-In 1949 the communists defeated the US supported nationalists in China, creating a shock in America.
-In 1945 the Soviet Union controled north of the 38 parallel of north Korea and the US controled everything to the south of this line, sparking tensions in Korea.
-In 1950 the communists crossd the line into the southern part of Korea, thus starting the war and testing president Truman's containment policy.
-The US asked to United Nations (UN) for soldier support in the war but the US forces made up most of these soldiers and fought most of the Korean War.
-The communists almost pushed the UN all the way back to Pusan, on the southern tip of the country. General MacArthur, the commander of all UN forces changed the course of events by landing troops in the center of Korea, trapping the communists from all sides. They pushed them very close to the China border.
- The Chinese told them to stop their advance, thinking this was a attack on China's security but the UN pushed on.
-MacArthur wanted to push into China and bomb them but president Truman denied becuase he feared that if they attacked China the Soviet Union would get involved with the war. Many Americans agreed with the president.
-People became tired with the war and wanted a truce. Even though peace was wanted is did not happen for two more years.
- Eisenhower was elected president and worked for peace. An armistice was approced and the division line was not much different than it was at the beginning of the war, Americans didn't like the indecisive war.

3 - Photos should help tell the story of the war, so find three photos that work ... and provide a descriptive caption, like the one on my example.

Many people think that the Korean War was fought in tropical weather, but the winters in Korea are actually bitter and challenging for the troops.

Picture from National Archives and Records Administration
Chiefs.jpg3 of the four chiefs of the war meet. This included General MacArthur discussing his plan to land troops in Inchon.
navy.jpgThe war was not just on land but on the sea as well. the first navy attack happened in July of 1950 on the south east coust of Korea near a port.
ship.jpgUsed ships to take off and land aircraft carriers. This was a very risky and dangerous method.

2- What's a war without maps? Insert two maps that help tell the story of the causes, events, and/or impact of the map (with a caption for each)
map.gifMap of the major battles and offensives fro both sides.
plan.jpgPlan of Inchon attack.

1 - You know historical quotes can bring old crusty things to like, so find one decent quote that helps add to the content of the Korean War (and provide some context for the quotes). For example ...

"The attack upon Korea makes it plain beyond all doubt that Communism has passed beyond the use of subversion to conquer independent nations and will now use armed invasion and war." - President Harry S Truman in his speech describing the military involvement of the US in Korea, without a declaration of war from Congress.

"I'm more worried about other parts of the world. The Middle East, for instance. [Iran] is where they will start trouble if we aren't careful.
"Korea is the Greece of the Far East. If we are tough enough now, if we stand up to them like we did in Greece three years ago, they won't take any next steps. But if we just stand by, they'll move into Iran and they'll take over the whole Middle East. There's no telling what they'll do, if we don't put up a fight now."- President Trumen relating Greece to Korea two days after the invasion into south Korea.

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