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Excerpt 1 - I Have a Dream - Excerpt 1
Five score years ago, ... a shameful condition.

OUR WORDS -In the past The Emancipation Proclamation was signed, freeing slaves in the south. Even though this was signed, african americans are still not free a hundred years later. The life of the blacks is still controlled by segregation and discrimination. The blacks are living in poverty when everyone else is prospering.

Excerpt 2 - I Have a Dream -- Excerpt 2
In a sense ... the security of justice.

OUR WORDS - He compares the Declaration and the Constitution to a check. He says that the African Americans have been given a bad check. That the government has not given them equal rights, eve though they promised to do so. Like giving them a check for money even though they didn't have that money.

Excerpt 3 - I Have a Dream -- Excerpt 3
We have also come ... Now is the time.

OUR WORDS - This all needs to happen now. We need action to happen right away. Has been going for 8 years, but have not made much progress.

Excerpt 4 - I Have a Dream -- Excerpt 4
But there is something ... soul force.

OUR WORDS - We must not be violent. Sole force, came from Mahatma Gahndi, force comes form within you, not from your fists.

Excerpt 5 - I Have a Dream -- Excerpt 5
The marvelous new militancy ... We cannot turn back.

OUR WORDS - We can't hold grudges against the whites. We have to join hands with the whites and solve this problem together.

Excerpt 6 - I Have a Dream -- Excerpt 6
There are those ... like a mighty stream."

OUR WORDS - We have to ask for the whole thing. We can't settle more less than what we should have. We will never be satisfied unless we obtain all of our rights.

Excerpt 7 - I Have a Dream - Excerpt 7
And so even though ... I have a dream today!

OUR WORDS - He has a dream that in the future people will join together, black and whites. A dream when people will not segregate and segregate them.

Excerpt 8 - I Have a Dream - Excerpt 8

And this will be the day ... we are free at last!

OUR WORDS - Let there be freedom everywhere in the US. When there will be freedom we will not have segregation and discrimination. When we have freedom in all of the racist and horrible places in the country.


If we didn't get to it in class, watch 16th Street to see what happened right after the March.


Read the essay from **TIME 100 - Martin Luther King** . As you do, respond to the following questions
Why does the author feel that whites owe King the greatest debt?
King was the one that gave us a free country. He gave us the freedom from the burden of discrimation and segregation in the past. MLK gave integration to the country as a whole.

Was King "the right man at the right time"?
MLK was a Reverend at the tie. This would help him move towards freedom because he was able to reach out to many people. The church was the main black institution. He had courage, living through and dealing with the many death threats to him and his family.

Would King be upset with the current use of his most often quoted line? Why or why not?Some people have been using his line as their slogan; Connely used his quote for a group against positive action about races. He can be proud of the many people that take his quote as it means, and hopes to continue good. There are those that he would be upset with, changing the meaning and distorting the picture that he creates with this quote.


There are many memorials to King around the United States, and there will soon be a new one in Washington D.C.! Check out some of the links below, and look at the video of the new National Memorial.

Washington, DC, **Martin Luther King** Jr. National **Memorial**

The King Center

**Martin Luther King** Jr National Historic Site

Some King historical sites from Taft's travels
Some King historical video from Taft's travels