Has Martin Luther King Jr.'s "dream" been realized?





Legislation and Politics
Civil Rights laws, affirmative action laws, representation in state and federal government, voting statistics


  • Civil Rights laws have been passed and enforced by the government
  • While the number of African Americans and Hispanics in the government is not near the percentage of population, the numbers are increasing every year
  • We have an African American president
  • African Americans vote at nearly the same rate as the average population, but Hispanics are much lower (average around 60% registering, African American 58%, Hispanic 28%)
  • Encourage minorities to continue to become active in politics, possibly through schools
  • Push for voter registration drives and voter eductaion in the Hispanic community, possibly with bilingual voting ballots

Number of employed / unemployed, types of jobs, business ownership

  • Percent of people working is generally the percent of people in their race
  • The percent of hispanics in the work force are lower than the percent of hispanics total
  • only 1% of asians are working
  • 10% of the black population is unemployed
  • 7% of the hispanic population is unemployed
  • Hispanic weekly earnings are much less than other races
  • more bilingual schools
  • More jobs for all races
  • Push for more employed people especially in the hispanic population
  • Push for better jobs and earnings for all races

Graduation rates, test scores, college enrollment, educational attainment

  • Whites, blacks, and Asians have about the same high school graduation rates, but Hispanics have lower graduation rates
  • Whites have a graduation rate from high school of 85.8%; African Americans have a graduation rate of 80.6%; Asians have a graduation rate of 86.8%; alarmingly, Hispanics have a graduation of 58.4%
  • Though, more Asians graduate from college than any other race. Asian Americans graduate 49.4%; whites graduate 28.2%; blacks graduate 17.6%, and the Hispanic population has the least amount of graduates with 12.1%

  • Encourage students (mostly Hispanics) not to quit school and meet their requirements
  • Maybe more scholarship programs so that more people could afford to go to school
  • Bilingual schools

Income and Poverty
Average income, number below poverty level


  • The income of blacks and hispanics are less than other races
  • over a thousand blacks have an income of under 10,000
  • Asian income is fairly high
  • The poverty level for races other than whites are higher than whites

  • Push for better incomes for minorities
  • Help more minority populated cities with poverty