Civil Rights Movement TWEETS

So many events in the Civil Rights Movement – imagine if you were present at all of them! How would you communicate the basic information of each major event quickly and concisely? Well, if we could send some technology back in time, maybe you could “tweet” your way through the Movement.

In this activity, you will report about various events, people, and organizations using Twitter as a model. In case you don’t know, Twitter is a social networking site that allows people to keep up with each other by posting messages of “tweets” that are no more than 140 characters in length. Over the next few days, you will use Chapter 29 and ABC-CLIO to post “tweets” about the events, individuals, and ideas listed below. This will serve as your Civil Rights Era study guide! Cut and paste the material below into a new page on your Unit 8 Online Notebook, and tweet away.

EXAMPLE – Why was Brown v. Board important?
Tweet Plessey overturned by SC, separate is not equal, schools must desegregate “with all deliberate speed”, should lead 2 more – bye bye Jim Crow? Will b some opposition! (that’s 138 characters … and a pretty complete tweet!)

Section 1 – Origins of the Civil Rights Movement

What "changes" were making the efforts of African Americans more successful than ever?
NAACP, Brown vs Board school segregation, Rosa Parks boycott buses, desegregation at work, voting rights, led to black power.

What happened in Montgomery in 1955, and what were the results of this protest?
Rosa Parks not give seat 2 white man, arrested, Montgomery bus boycot, led by MLK Jr, integrated buses

What happened in Little Rock in 1957, and what were the results of this event?

Little Rock 9 tried 2 integrate Central High school, white mobs threatened the group, Nationall guard of AL prevented them from entering, Gov of AL denied a law allowing segregation.

What happened in Greensboro in 1960, and what were the results of this event?

4 black college students would not leave segregated lunch counter unless served, effective, led 2 freedom riders, integrate buses in DC

Section 2 – Kennedy, Johnson, and Civil Rights

What happened on the Freedom Rides?

Tweet –

Congress of racial equality, white & black, north 2 south, protested segregated bus terminals, pushed with nonviolence, succeeded integration

What was the story and impact of the Birmingham Protests in 1963?

Southern Christian Leadership conference, Birmingham spot 4 march, police attack protestors w/ fire and hoses, led 2 sympathy and "I have a Dream" speech

Describe the March on Washington, including the impact.
Many hundred thousand marched in DC, all races, 4 desegregation, led by leaders, MLK "I Have a Dream", showed gov that action was needed

What was the deal with the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
Freedom Summer helped African Americans try 2 get the right 2 vote in Mississippi, nonviolence, withstood violence and threats

What was Freedom Summer?
SNCC proposed voting rights campaign, integrated college kids 2 get more media coverage, brutal attacks on blacks, led to injustice, expressed disliking in status quo

Tweet about the Voting Rights Act of 1965

gave equal voting rights to all races, no state go arond it, can not deny because of race, no literacy tests for those who had an education, then extended
Provide a tweet from the Selma to Montgomery March in 1965.
long march, members of King's group, first 2 not complete, denied the right 2 vote, still segregation, led 2 the voting rights act

Tweet about Johnson’s Great Society – how will it help the Movement?
no poverty, racial justice, Johnson program to make this happen, most passed, helped everyone, program helped end discrimination

How is the Movement dividing in the later years of the 60s?
leaders dis agreed wat 2 do next, some continue nonviolence, others more aggressive, cities became less interested blacks forced whites out of groups, riots,